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Stacking Blocks

2/3  Year Old


2/3 Year Olds
Blue Abstract Shapes

Welcome to

Saint Joseph's Room

“[Saint Joseph] helped [Jesus] grow and develop. So he looked for a place for the child to be born. He looked after him, helped him grow, and taught him to work: many things… in silence. He never took possession of the child for himself. He silently let him grow. He let him grow: This idea could help us immensely...let him grow, silently watching over [them] and helping [them].” ~Pope Francis

Daycare Center

4/5 Year Old


4/5 Year Olds


Woman Tutoring Child

Aid in the development of thinking and reasoning:

  • Uppercase Alphabet letters recognition

  • Counting to 10 (Bilingual)

  • Develop Fine Motors Skills

  • Writing First Name

  • Knowledge of colors (Bilingual)

  • Knowledge of shapes (Bilingual)

  • Learn short phrases/words in Spanish

Daycare Center

General knowledge

  • Parts of their own bodies

  • Self-Care

  • Places around them and what happens there

  • Seasons and what to wear…..

  • Develop Gross motor Skills


Faith Objectives

Aid in the development of love and virtue:

  • Accompany in growth of prayer life

  • Teach basic prayers

  • Development of virtues through our everyday routines

  • Incorporation of Faith as part of every moment in the day

Boy in Art Class

Social-Emotional Objectives

  • Develop key social concepts through art

    •  music, play, stories, circle time, and discussions

  • Learning good manners, relations with others

  • Sitting for increasing length of time in focused activities

    • circle time, art music, etc

  • Aid in the recognition of different emotions and developing of Self Control

Stacking Blocks
Blue Abstract Shapes